• WWII Boost Gauge +8lbs MKIII H. Dated 1941. Spitfire Hurricane etc


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    MKIII H Boost gauge dated 1941 rated +8

    This type of  Boost gauges was fitted to early fighters such as the MK/ere fitted to various RAF aircraft in the early stages of WWII including famous types such as the SII and MKI Hurricanes but were soon replaced with higher rated boost gauges as engine performances increased throughout the war.

    This is a particularly good clean example with no signs of damage or cracks especially to the bezel. The lead seal and wire through the bezel are still intact indicating the instrument has not been opened and interfered with.

    Marked on the rear with the AM Crown.

    The date can clearly been seen on the front face.

    This item would need a full assessment by a suitably qualified person before been considered for use on an aircraft

    This item is not suitable for oversea shipment