• Battle of Britain period MK IVA RPM Gauge. Dated 1939


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    Here we have a very nice American made MK IVA RPM gauge dated 1939.

    Before the war broke out in September 1939 the Government had already started sourcing new manufacturers abroad to meet the anticipated demand expected in an armed conflict.

    This MK IVA is a typical example made by The Kollsman Instrument Company of New Yory and marked ‘US and Foreign Pats pending’

    As can be seen from the photos the gauge is in excellent condition with no damage to the face , casing or lugs. The case is made from bakelite and is the early pattern design. A 1939 date is marked on the face. 

    This instrument would need to be professionally assessed and serviced by a suitably qualified person before been considered for flight use. As it stands it is sold as a static item only. 

    Postage quoted is for UK post only